Kudo – Become Freelance Digital Accountant


"Become Freelance Digital Accountant" is a training designed for people with entry-level accounting experience who want to elevate their growth by upgrading their skills and leveraging technology to work as a freelance accountant.

The soft skills course will teach you all the essential information you need to start a career as a digital accountant freelancer, as the latest work trend and start working for gig economy via most famous platforms from anywhere, anytime. From meeting existing clients, to pitching to new ones, and from managing your day-to-day tasks to bookkeeping and submitting your tax return. Whatever it is you do you need a range of skills to ensure your freelance career is a success.

This training comes as a partnership between Balkans Capital and Kudo-Education.

Program Structure and details

"KUDO - Become a Self-Employed Digital Accountant (Freelance)" training in Albania started on April 24th, 2023 with its third group.
The main objective of this training is for interested candidates to develop their careers in the bookkeeping/accounting profession, equip them with the skills to compete in global markets in bookkeeping/accounting jobs as self-employed (freelancers). Currently 8 out of 10 jobs on freelance platforms (UPWORK, INDEED, CREDLY, FIVERR etc.), for bookkeeping and accounting require knowledge and expertise in QuickBooks Online.

The training consists of two modules:
1. The QuickBooks Online module will teach you how to work with QuickBooks Online, how to effectively and efficiently use QuickBooks to manage day-to-day bookkeeping/accounting tasks, and develop an understanding of how to record, process, data is reviewed and how to customize QuickBooks to meet the specific needs of a business.

2. Module for Freelancers - how to access and operate the platforms for freelancers, communication with clients, sales presentation, payment acceptance, etc.

🔶 The training has a total of 35 hours (1 hour = 60 minutes).

🔶 The training schedule takes place from 17:30 - 20:00 (3 days a week).

🔶 The training is held online (due to the fact that your future work as a freelancer will be online).

🔶 The training will take place in the English language and the materials are in English as well (due to the fact that you will communicate with potential clients in English and in order to become better acquainted with the professional vocabulary in English).

🔶 The training is conducted by: Ms. Aneida Bajraktari Bicja, Co-Founder & CEO of Balkans Capital.

🔶 Professional and experienced Freelancer Ms. Erlisa Zherka.

🔶 The training is practical, interactive, where each candidate has access to QuickBooks Online, will receive the assigned materials and during the training you will open an account on the freelance platforms and build your profile.

🔶 You will be sent the recordings of the training sessions for a validity of up to 5 calendar days.

This training comes at the price of 400 Euro from the original price of 600 Euro, if you register until April 14th. Included is the International QuickBooks Certification.

Mentoring forever, even after the end of the training. Through the mentoring session we will discuss the progress and what actions you took to land your first freelance job and how we can help you land your first freelance job. Previously these mentoring sessions were to last 2 months after the end of the training, but due to the benefits and importance of it, we extended it to forever.

As they say "success happens when opportunity meets prepared people".

We look forward to welcoming you to this training!

For any further questions, please reach us at info@balkanscapital.al.